Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When in Doubt, Throw it to No. 8

This just in, Aaron Murray has AJ Green to throw to.  I don't want to make too much out of the first scrimmage, especially considering the first team vs. second team aspect of this, but the recognition by the media is big.  I have long held the belief that Aaron Murray will be fine at QB.  I recently pointed out his pedigree and the things he has done to this point to show he is ready.  The quotes from the players about his command of the huddle gives me hope that he has the respect of the team.

Now there is recognition that he has AJ Green to throw the football to. 

"When in doubt, throw it to No. 8." - Mark Richt

Ya think?  I know No. 8 will be double and sometimes triple teamed this season.  Very few defenses in the nation has a corner that you would trust to consistently single cover him (among them is Janoris Jenkins for Florida).  That means having other guys to pick up the slack at TE and other receiver positions will be paramount.  Not that I don't like my chances with AJ going against two guys.

You add that in with two (or maybe even three) tailbacks and you feel like the offense will be ok.  Or maybe that is just me.

As for the defense, Grantham not being all over them and the second team offense not having a field day is a good sign to me.  Put that in with the number of sacks that are being talked about (remembering the difference between putting a guy on the dirt and merely touching him), you have to believe the players are doing their homework and are at least putting the mental effort into learning the 3-4.  I know there is a long way from book knowledge to execution and we have notable personnel gaps on defense due to the recruiting focus on the 4-3 until January 2010, but I am still encouraged.  

A couple of other things that stood out/I wonder about:
  • Hudson Mason was given a running play or two, Murray was not.  Or Mason ended up running the ball and Murray did not.  One is interesting given Murrays running ability.  Two is interesting in that Murray didn't feel he had to run much.  Probably.
  • Murray making those 'bad decisions' plays in the scrimmage will hopefully provide some reinforcement to be smarter in real games. 
  • Who got the other catches?  Weiszer, who has the most comprehensive stats I could find, only has 12 of the 22 passes caught.  Just curious.
  • Was Gamble playing on the first team or second team when he got all of those sacks he talked about in Emerson's Dawg Post article?  If you know, please let me know.
  • Now that I mention it, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth thinking he might have been going against the one offense.
  • I don't like hearing that Durham 'dinged' his shoulder and had to sit out.  I feel comfortable that South Carolina's LBs are going to be just a bit less interested in merely tackling him than our LBs.
  • It was good to see Logan Gray get a couple of looks his way, especially considering he probably beat a starting dback for his catches.
  • Not hearing the coaches talk about running backs and pass blocking is refreshing, isn't it.
Anything I am missing here? It is just a scrimmage, right? 


  1. I'd also like to know about penalites, if there were any

  2. Found my answer:

    --There were about five or six penalties per team. “Mostly offsides one way or the other,” Richt said. “Nothing flagrant as far as foolish stuff. Just operational things we have to get better at.” Richt said he wasn’t sure that the No. 1 offense had a penalty.
    Linebacker Darryl Gamble said “there were not a lot of mental errors. Guys were in the right places.”