Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Steps Back, Two Steps Forward

The second scrimmage is in the books and the offense was, ah, less than stellar.
  • Based on the stats, it looked like the defense was very disruptive.  Again, I am not trying to put too much into the stats, but it looks like Darryl Gamble is really making hay in the battle for the outside linebacker position opposite Justin Houston.  While both Washington and Dent seem to be doing well, the best thing to take away from this is about building depth at the position.  
  • I wonder if having Clint Boling and Chris Davis as the long regular starters from the offensive line working with the first team made that big of a difference.  I hope we don't have to find out in the season.  
  • It looks like Logan Gray and Aaron Murray are getting comfortable with playing catch.  That also means Gray was working with the 1 offense, too.  I did note that AJ didn't have any catches the coaches talked about.  Seth Emerson mentioned that he did have a couple, but that the coaches wanted to give some other guys work.  The thing I note about this is that Gray might well be the number three guy at receiver based on him being much more involved. 
  • Good to see Branden Smith back and involved.
  • The most interesting stat to me was the disparity in the yardage between Ealey (7 for 70 yards, one long run) and King (7 for 18 yards).
  • No word on who fumbled, but it is good to not hear the coaches talking about having to focus on ball protection.
  • Also, good to see Kiante Tripp get some time in and a couple of tackles.  I wonder if he got his half sack at NG and against the one offense.
This is looking like a pretty standard second scrimmage.  The defense seems to be coming into their own.  I would be a bit concerned if either the defense or the offense were consistently dominating the other.   I am a lot concerned about the number of starters from the line that seems to be dinged up or sick.  I guess getting Jones' knee worked on now sure makes alot of sense, but how long has this been a problem?  The upside of the starters sitting out is getting guys like Trinton and Chris Burnette some time with the rest of the starting offense.  I will say, I don't like to hear the "a few weeks to iron out issues" type of language from Coach Richt.

I also wonder about the penalties, especially the off sides (thanks to watcher16 for making me obsess about penalties).


  1. If the 2nd team D can stone our 1st team O then we are in for a lot of low scoring games. Losing Ben Jones is huge, he is a leader and a mad man on the oline. I hope he gets back quick and I'm sure he will given that pain is in the mind of the person and Ben is one crazy dude.

  2. Your 100% right! "a few weeks to iron out issues" , "a work in progress" both are phrases that Meyer and Saban are not using. If Mark Richt finishes outside the top 25 for the second year in a row, then how about the phrase " Go back to Boca!"

  3. If any of you had players dinged in practice and there were no major complaints would you address the media on each and every perceived bruise ,sore muscle or knee jerk? The last injury seems to be what some "fans" are suffering from here.

    I personally don't care whether you or other fans obsess over every word out of our coach's mouth , but I'd thank you to stop printing your kneejerk reactions that let our rivals beat up on our staff. If it wasn't evident until yesterday that Ben's injury wasn't going to go away and they had to make a preemptive decision instead of waiting to let it heal on it's own and risk further injury, then that is all, gentlemen. Stop this superfluous bashing to make posts. It's bad enough that s... happens. You don't have to roll in it and smear it further around like a bunch of numbnuts on meth.

    Asking an implied question like "How long has this been going on? Why weren't we notified? If we had known, we would have demanded that he be operated on sooner!" like you have medical expertise that surpasses Dr. Ron Courson just makes you guys look like fomenters and strifers second guessing a college football professional staff. Do you have any idea how idiotic you appear?
    I hope you put some of this in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. My apologies to UGA69Dawg for not omitting you from my post.

  5. Bulldog in Exile- You have been in the cornfields too long. You may have to apply for a visa to come back South. You been making your own hooch up there or is yankee infecting your mind? David Hale started doing that (questioning every word and meaning from Richt's mouth), but he done gone back Nawth, boy. This form of journalistic questioning makes the rest of us weary. You come off like a patient trying to run the asylum.

    You writers always let us know about the numerous friends, weddings and parties that you have. I think that I would like to hear from them on this subject. Think any of them will post?

  6. Georgia has been "nice" to "Mr. Nice Guy". On January 1, 2011 Mark Richt will have raked in over $30 million in salaries,bonuses and endorsements. I think it is obvious by now that Van Gorder was more responsible than Richt for the three SEC Championship appearances.

    #1 Letting Van Gorder go was Mark Richt first huge mistake.
    #2 Hiring Willie Martinez was his second huge mistake.
    #3 Tod Grantham and his 3-4 scheme may be his last mistake. Time will tell.
    So Mark Richt caused the problem to begin with.

  7. Anon- You are full of negative crap; therefore I say you ain't no Dawg. You muckrakers are a busy lot!

  8. Apparently, my 'context' button was off. I was really wondering if Ben got hurt in practice recently or if it was something he was gutting out. I fully trust Dr. Courson to use his professional judgment and don't question it. Sorry I didn't make that more clear.

    Oh, please don't group me with the 'Richt sucks' crowd. You can critique my writing and that is fair. You can blast my opinions because that is American. You can question my Southerness, but you are full of crap. Don't dare question my belief that Coach Mark Richt is the right man to lead our football program. Anyone that thinks that is the real numbnuts on Meth.

  9. Awwrright, Bulldog in Exile. That's a fine Dawg trigger I just hit! My apologies for your inclusion and your reply sounds more like the person I have been following. I've just had it up to you-know-where with the naysayers who can't find the good in all of this.
    The OL kept the D out in the first scrimmage and that shows how good they are playing together and attests to the way that the D showed their acumen in the second scrimmage.

    Your reply could have been better placed on Anon who clearly demonstrates anti-Richt sentiments.

  10. You Mark Richt Apologists clearly don't have the Dawg Nation in mind.

    What about the Dawg Nations integrity?

    What about the Dawg Nations character?

    You all said it or felt it during the Goff years, the Donnan years and now you are saying it under Mark Richt:"They don't look well coached".

    This is the fifth straight year!

  11. Actually, the Goff teams were not that poorly coached at all. He just couldn't recruit(actually, he was still recruiting in the 70s and got quickly lapped).

    If believing we are better off with Mark Richt than anyone who I believe we could get to come and coach Georgia, so be it.

    Who would you replace him with (and be realistic, don't say something ridiculous like Nick Saban)?