Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three Weeks Down

A couple of random thoughts before I head to Chicago to catch the Braves at Wriggley:
  • Logan Gray. Who knew?  Actually, you have to love the effort the kid is giving.  There is no doubt he could have transferred and played QB somewhere this season.  Instead, he is a Dawg and wants to help the team and is putting himself in position to do so. Hopefully, he'll get back out to practice quickly.
  • Speaking of, when the injury I am most worried about to date is to a backup QB transitioning to WR, you know the Dawgs are having a much less difficult time with injuries than in years past.  I don't say this to temp karma, I swear.
  • The ever evolving picture on the Dline intrigues me.  When Anderson moved over to the defensive side of the ball, I just assumed he'd be in to give Tyson breathers from time to time.  I am glad to see Bean progressing to the point that Rodney Garner is comfortable mentioning him as a starter.  Any depth is good depth, especially when it allows you to move Tyson around on the front.
  • The re-emergence of a happy Daryl Gamble.  Last fall, there were times when you'd think Daryl Gamble had some Boss Bailey in him.  Then he started to look more like George Bailey.  You can read whatever you want into his comments about Jancek and the 4-3, but the key to me is him seeming to enjoy playing football.  Even if he doesn't start, having another freek to get on the field in the OLB slot makes daddy very happy.
  • I have a very serious, but perfectly normal, man-crush on Todd Grantham.  Actually, I want him to meet my parents.  While I was never in the Fire Willie crowd, at least publicly, Grantham is going to have to be a complete whiff to not be a success in my mind.  He just absolutely knows the right things to say to a Bulldog Nation in need of reassurance about the defense.  If half of what he says translates to player execution, the Dawgs will be fine defensively.
Oh, yeah.  Go sign Tech's Sportsmanship pledge.  No word on if that 65 year old grandmother with a sailor's command of profanity I saw a couple of years ago after a game at Tech has signed it yet.

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