Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Sounds Vaguely Familiar...

After reading Chris Rainey's comments about the differences between last year's Florida Gator team and this year's Gator squad, I got to thinking about the context.  It is the same basic things you hear anytime a team is struggling with an identity after loosing some very highly rated players. 

For a good example, see the 2009 Georgia Bulldogs' comments.  Now before you blast me for saying Rainey's biting words are the same as the 'team without stars' narrative, I understand there is a difference.  But when you consider his coach's 'that is Chris just being Chris' brushoff, there is an analogy there.  Also, he is right, there are no prima donnas around anymore...until the football season starts.  Wait until the Gators roll up about 60 points against Miami on September 4th in the swamp.  Miami(Oh), that is.  I'd be willing to bet John Brantley is a bit more recognizable to the coeds after that.

That's when we'll know how many rock stars are around.

Hey, whatever narrative works for them, right.  I think Chris Rainey is refreshing.  Between him and Pounceygate, I see why St. Urban has banned media, scumbags and 'internet guys' from practice.

I wonder if Pat Dooley is a bad guy, man.

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