Saturday, August 21, 2010

Somebody Send Me Some Pictures

From Picture Day.  I really wanted to get the kids down this year, but I'll have to settle for photoshopping them in with Russ.

Russ will be available from 1-3pm at Sanford in the Gates 6-7 Plaza and Club levels, with the players and coaches available from 3-5.  You are only allowed two items per person, which is a great rule IMHO.  Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers will be at Gate 6. Offensive linemen and defensive linemen will be in the club level between Gates 6 and 7. Defensive backs, linebackers and special teams will be in Gate 7.

You have to get tickets, starting at 8am today, to see Coach Richt and Russ (separate tickets) at the East Campus Road ticket booths.  If you are going to see Russ, you have to be in line by 1:30 and in line by 3:30 to see Coach Richt.  Parking is generally available at most lots on campus.


  1. Please make certain that they have done a good job of spray painting Russ' brown spot on his backside "white". These pics are for the media.

  2. you don't have to spray paint the brown spot on his backside, just wipe it off.
    JK Russ, I love ya Dawg!