Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Same as it ever was

Derek Dooley, who vowed to change the culture at Tennessee, has taken a play out of The Kiffer's Bruce Pearl's playbook by reinstating two players involved in the night club beat down of two patrons, including an off duty police officer.  Two of the indefinitely suspended players involved have been indefinitely re-instated.  Looks like Darren Myles is going to be the sole bad guy here.

I would like to say this makes sense and he is being even handed and fair. That is the lawyer in me. The Knoxville police haven't brought charges beyond those on the night of the incident. If that is the case, then Dooley has two choices, keep the suspension and bring further suspicion on his players or re-instate them and 'move on.'

The only problem is there are too many unanswered questions about the night at Bar Knoxville.

Am I the only one that see the discongruity of the two statements in the following quote (taken from's article linked above):

"The pair has been suspended since the July 9 brawl, though their roles in the incident have never been made clear by police.  Dooley said Tuesday he's comfortable with the punishment Walls and King have served and said the pair have had good attitudes and shown remorse about the incident,"
Dooley is playing lawya ball here.  The police don't have anything on his boys.  His boys have shown remorse to the coach for the incident (indicating they were involved), but Dooley knows the police can't do anything legal to them, so he's putting them back on the team.

I wonder if Steward Mandel thinks Derek Dooley is a dirty coach?


Will at Rocky Top Talk offers a very measured and thoughtful fan's perspective.

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  1. I was amazed that the UT players were allowed to get their stories straight and the police were shut out. I think you are spot on Derrick knows they can't make a case so he is ready to move on. Hopefully the Knoxville police will now become Athens like in their zeal to arrest Vols. Karma is a bitch.