Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, the Humanity

Is anyone else done with the 'will they or won't they' from the Big Ten Eleven Twelve Ten about the Ohio State-Michigan Game? 

Play the game.  Play it the week before the Big 10 Championship Game.  Could you imagine Auburn and Alabama or Georgia and Florida going through this non-sense?  So what if they could play each other back to back, once in the regular season, then the next week in the Big Ten Championship game.  If those are the best two teams, those are your best two teams. The timing of the games won't change the value of that ball game.

If they are in different divisions, then more often than not, one will have the chance to knock the other out of the championship game.  If they are in the same division, well, you have yourself a marquee game that many, many people will find compelling outside of the paisans that wear scarlet and red or blue and maize.  Hey, I know Delaney is always looking for the best way to get his two best teams in the best position to be in the BCS Championship game.  That is what this is about. In all sincerity, the Ohio State-Michigan game has long been an elimination game for at least Rose Bowl contention and often times for a shot at a national title.  Thinking  that the conference or teams are afraid of that now being the case is just group cowardice.

Ohio State and Michigan could play in July, in Canada and it would still be the only really interesting match-up the Big Ten offers to football fans outside of the Midwest.  It doesn't matter when or where you hold it.  Just stop talking about it.  Of course, that is assuming Michigan once again rises to national power, at least as far as the average Montanan's point of view.

Ask the ACC how all the machinations to get a Miami-FSU championship is working out.

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