Friday, August 27, 2010

Now You Know Thanksgiving Will Be Awkward at the Kiffin's

Lane Kiffin's one year in Tennessee really is the gift that keeps on giving to bloggers.  Word is now that David Reeves, New Mexico's QB coach, The Kiffer's bro-in-law, and the former Tennessee assistant that was left behind in the great migration West is getting chatty with the NCAA about the great times had in Knoxville.

The boys and girls from Indianapolis want to talk to Reeves about recruiting hostesses, improper phone calls, and the I Believe I'll Have Another Big Orange Recruiting Weekend.  Now, I am sure Reeves, what with being left behind and all, isn't going to have much trouble remembering, in great detail, any shenanigans that might have taken place in Knoxville and beyond. 

Should be good times around the holidays for them.

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