Monday, August 9, 2010

Now That The Pads Are On

As I noted yesterday, I often times have to scrub to find something beyond mere platitudes about what is going on in the football firmament.  A couple of things from Seth Emerson's first week manning the Bulldogs Blog jumped out at me.

  • Aaron Murray teaching the young guys the offense.  Hey, it is the little things, but one of my worries has been how much Murray was willing to step up and take the team leadership thing seriously.  If he knows the playbook well enough that the coaches are happy with him learnin' the new kids (you know, the ones that are seven months younger than Murray), then that is a positive sign about his work ethic and view of his role on the team.
  • Hutson Mason's progress.  Thanks to his fratastic name, Mason seems to grasp the enormity of what he is being asked to handle.  I am naming him bro in chief for now.  Running the second team offense against the first team defense seems like the best trial by fire I can think of that doesn't immediately send the Dawg Vent into a full meltdown.  Also, the walk-on QBs have interesting stories and strong arms.  
  • Dexter Morant's decision to return, and how the seniors and coaches handled it, is impressive to me.  While the comments about his leaving were pure coachspeak, knowing the coaches asked the seniors to vote and they did so letting him back on, just makes me feel good.  Maybe I am reading too much into that, but I agree with Bernie: If Coach Grantham wants him back and the seniors do too, that is good enough for me. 
  • As an aside, how do you think that conversation went with Morant's family when he got back to South Carolina.  I guessing something on the lines of "You did WHAT?!?  Son, get your tail back over there and get your education." 
  • Marlon Brown's blocking skills=a LOT more playing time.
  • I get all tingly in my nether regions when I hear talk of two tight end sets with Aron White, Orson Charles and Arthur Lynch on the team.  All three of them are blocking, pass catching beasts.  Putting young Murray in the position to find any of them with a linebacker trying to cover them or handing the ball to Ealey/King when a linebacker and safety both are trying to figure out what stadium they are in or having to figure out how to cover AJ Green, two tight ends, another receiver, a possible running back and a possible QB keeper just makes me all giddy.
  • Who is this Shawn Williams and how does Grantham get him on the field more?
Overall, nice work Seth.  Thanks for keeping us in the know.

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  1. Don't forget Gamble pusing Washington for playing time. IMO, that's HUGE.