Monday, August 30, 2010

Mandel=People in Montana Believe

Mandel has Georgia playing Texas in the Sugar Bowl, with both teams being At Large selections.  He has Alabama playing Ohio State in the Championship Game. 

Other SEC teams:

  • Florida vs. Iowa in the Capitol One
  • Penn State vs. Kentucky in the Outback
  • Nebraska vs. Arkansas in Cotton
  • Florida State vs. Auburn in Chick-Fil-A
  • LSU vs. Michigan State in Gator
  • Boston College vs. South Carolina in Music City
  • Houston vs. Ole Miss in Liberty
He has Toledo taking the SEC no. 9 (actually number 10) spot to the Grey Lady Bowl in Birmingham.  I guess he doesn't think the Dan Mullen experiment will get the Bizzaro Dawgs to a winning record.

A couple of other interesting predictions:
  • Georgia Tech playing Arizona in the Sun Bowl as the 4th selection from the ACC. 
  • He has Virginia Tech winning the ACC and playing Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl.  
  • He has Boise State playing Oregon in the Rose Bowl.
  • He has Oklahoma winning the Big 12 and playing UConn, the Big East champ.  
  • He has Michigan playing Missouri in the Insight Bowl.
  • He has Notre Dame playing the Miami in the Catholics vs. Convicts Bowl2, sponsored by Champs Sports.
His Conference Champs (BCS):
Bama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, UConn, and Oregon.

All in all, interesting stuff.  I just wish it weren't Mandel.

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