Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kinks in Weiss' Armor

I was perusing an article on Notre Dame football when I came across this gem:
"The players who have been here, everybody says the same thing: 'You're so lucky you have so many years left,'" -Manti Te'o, Norte Dame Sophomore linebacker.
The Senator asked what Charlie Weiss had done to the brand of Notre Dame football a couple of weeks back.  I am asking what has he done to the psyche?  Weiss' players are talking about the new coach, not in the guarded terms of 'excitement' or 'looking forward to learning' but in terms of 'lucky to have many years left' to the new guys.

Not exactly the kind of talk that would make you think the players Weiss recruited and coached with a decided schematic advantage are aching to visit Charlie in Kansas City.


In other Notre Dame related information: Lou Holtz sees the Irish going undefeated this year.  That isn't necessarily news itself.  The kicker is Mark May seeing them win 10 this season.  I get Holtz's optimism.  He coached in the land of the perennial pre-season national champions for six season and is an inveterate Irish homer.  Plus, he has picked Norte Dame to win the National Championship seven out of the last six seasons.  I wonder what Mark May has been drinking?

BTW, a big reason it looks like Holtz thinks the Irish are *really* back this time is that QB Dwayne Crist is such a nice guy.  I guess other nice guys we know are just fakin' it.

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  1. I don't see them going undefeated, but I could see them winning 10 games this season. Brian Kelly teams (I think this is according to Phil Steele in an interview on Rivals Radio) have outpaced expectations six years running. Given the talent that Charlie brought in (and he did have some outstanding recruiting classes), as well as the patty-cake schedule ND has, 10 wins seems pretty viable to me. Who on their schedule looks unbeatable right now? There are some quality teams there, no doubt. But my recollection was that they didn't have a single top 10 team on their schedule. As well as Kelly gets his teams playing his style of ball, I think ND will not only win a lot more games than people expect, but I think they win them big.