Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If There is Anything I Hate More...

...Than a 21 year old blowing chances to do the right thing is a 21 year old pontificating about it.
"I am as disgusted as many of you over the fact that my diploma will be worth just a little bit less every time one of these “role models” cuts loose with no responsibility to team or university, and once again disgraces Georgia in sports pages nationwide."
Just so I understand, my two diplomas are not as valuable because of the football arrests or is it because it gets reported?  Are my diplomas more valuable in years when there are fewer arrests or fewer reports of those arrests? 

You want your diploma to gain in value, get Red and Black writers to take on something important, like the students' role in wrecking North Campus on game day or the continuing epidemic of all student DUIs in Athens.  How about the rising cost of tuition, the continued marginalization of the student voice in University affairs, or the continuing lack of demographic and geographic diversity at UGA?  Students arriving at the stadium 15 minutes after kickoff? Noon kickoffs? Bissetts closing? The Hot Dog Man not having rally sauce on a random Tuesday night?

You want your diploma to devalue more, keep on writing crap that is nothing more than emulation of AJC sports columnists, but with training wheels.


  1. wow, i thought this was an AJC article indeed. That was totally out of line. wow.

  2. Did that guy transfer from GT? Get him the hell out of Athens.

  3. I read this earlier today and threw up in my mouth. I'm not one to make excuses for athletes getting in trouble with the law, but it truly does seem that the local authorities have something against them. I mean, arrested for driving a scooter? Come on! Ticketed, maybe...., but arrested? Just blows my mind!

    And then this guy goes on to question the player accountability? Where in the world has he been the past 10 years? CMR by far is more strict in his application of discipline than any other coach in the SEC, hands down!!! I just don't understand lazy, slanted "journalism". The only reason someone would write this type of article is to drive hits.

    Do us all a favor, David Mitchell...Go back to your basement and unplug your computer!

  4. Amen Brother! When I read that piece of trash article, I almost started a letter of my own to The Red & Black about getting reporters that are worth a damn! Surely he wrote that as a required assignment or something, and he's not really that dumb.

  5. AMEN.
    What is with current students waffling between staunch support of our school and its athletics and distancing themselves through judgement. Every school has students who make bad decisions. Even Harvard. Just because you didn't hear about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. And I don't think less of their diplomas because some kids make bad decisions.

  6. Try some new excuses :

    Greg McGarity said: “I’m going to learn about our structure, what we have set up as far as education of student-athletes. I want to learn exactly, why is this happening? Yeah, I think there are too many arrests. I think when it happens, it’s embarrassing to the institution [and] it takes away from team unity. . . . I think it’s a problem, and I don’t like the excuse, ‘Well, that’s going to happen [with] college students; it’s just part of the deal.’ I don’t buy that.”

    All-time scoreboard for the Fulmer Cup :

    All-Time Fulmer Cup Standings starting 2006 :

    # 1 Illinois Fighting Illini 51 points 1 Fulmer Cup 2007

    # 2 Georgia Bulldogs 48 points 1 Fulmer Cup 2010

    # 2 Florida Gators 48 points
    # 4 Penn State Nittany Lions 42 points
    # 5 Arkansas Razorbacks 38 points
    # 5 Missouri Tigers 38 points
    # 7 Alabama Crimson Tide 37 points 1 Fulmer Cup 2008
    # 8 Iowa Hawkeyes 36 points
    # 8 Tennessee Volunteers 36 points
    #10 Marshall Thundering Herd 35 points 1 Fulmer Cup 2006
    #11 Nebraska Cornhuskers 33 points
    #12 Florida State Seminoles 32 points

  7. Written like an angry freshman....and so telling.

  8. Why is it that when a student at UGA is arrested for any reason that President Adams and Faculty members aren't held repsonsible for their conduct?