Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Hear There is an Opening in Gainesville

I'm sure you've heard the bruhaha over Renee Gork wearing a Florida hat to an Arkansas Football Presser.  Bobby Petrino stares her down, then says he's not answering any more questions with her wearing the UF hat.  Of course, being media trained in Gainesville, she thought it was a joke, since she naturally assumed all media wore Gator regalia.

Sadly for her, that is just the media that covers Florida.

I get Petrino's edict.  It is his presser, at least until another team offers something better.  I know I'd be pretty upset if someone from 960 The Ref showed up at Butts Mehre wearing a Florida or Tennessee or Auburn or Georgia Tech or SEC football officials hat. Coach Richt would handle it with a bit more humor than Petrino. As for the firing, well, it depends on context.  Do you think for a second she really didn't think about it?  Really?   Sometimes it is better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness. 

She'll find work, she already has some of the required gear to provided unbiased media coverage for the Orlando or Jacksonville media outlets.


  1. She is an idiot. It's common knowledge in the media business that you don't show favoritism for any team while working. It's professional Darwinism at it's best...

  2. She got what she wanted, her 15 minutes of fame. When I first heard it I thought she was just young and stupid but she was on the Dan Patrick Show today and has worked in sports broadcasting for years in FL. She had quit to have kids and now they are 4 & 6 she decided to go back to work. She had only been on the job for a month and pulls this stick. She said she thought Bobby was just joking. She's lucky she didn't correctly quote one of Urban's players or she would be a bad dudette.