Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Further Thoughts on Florida's QB

Yesterday, I posed the question: Why is John Brantley getting so much love while Aaron Murray is a question mark?  The Senator then posed a hypothetical based on my question: Would Aaron Murray be considered better as a Gator backup rather than a Georgia starter? 

Both are interesting questions, but I still don't have anything better than Urban Meyer is considered to be a better developer of QBs than Mark Richt for my question, not that I agree with that assessment.  I answered Blutarski's question (how many teams would Murray be touted as a better starter in the SEC for by the media as Brantley's backup) in his comments with Georgia, Tennessee, Vandy, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU and South Carolina, which is pretty much what most of his other commentators thought.  Strangely enough, the same answer keeps popping up as to why that is: the coaching.

His hypothetical led me to another question:  What are the reasons Urban Meyer chanced hurting Tim Tebow even more, though two weeks removed from the collective national media nightmare a concussion suffered at Kentucky, rather than sitting him and letting young John run the offense?  Sure, Florida significantly changed their game plans to protect TGCPE and rightfully so.  However, if Brantley is that good, or conversely, if Meyer is so good that his backup could arguably start for so many other SEC schools, then why didn't John Brantley play against LSU?

Looking at the LSU/Florida match-up, it was the second lowest output of TGCPE's career (172 total yards, only 38 of that rushing).  Clearly, the game plan was to protect him and of his 16 rushes, only 3-5 were designed runs (I counted 10 QB dives/short yardage dive type plays and as many as three scrambles on passing plays when I looked at the play chart).  That being said, Brantley was kept on the bench.  Why?  I can buy the argument that a concussed TGCPE is better than everyone but Ditka and Herschel Walker.  Still Urban asked the "Would I want my son out there" question and decided to play him over Brantley, then designed a game plan to protect him.

Brantley's 38 of 46 from last season looks very impressive, but he never came in against anyone of import, with the exception of FSU (aside from having to come in against Kentucky).  In the FSU game, he handed the ball off six straight times before being asked to throw the ball. I see the argument that his work is very good to this point, but there are several other QBs that looked good against FIU and Troy (ranked 108 and 118 nationally against the pass last year), which were his two best games, by far.

Again, I don't write this to disparage John Brantley.  I have no doubt he will be a good QB.  I just think he is getting a bump from media and pundits who declare him the man.  If he is getting it because of what Tim Tebow did for the Gators, fine.  That is just illogical hit mongering by lazy writers.  If he is getting it because of how great of a coach St. Urban is, then there is a good argument that the Denver Broncos either need to hire Meyer to come coach or Josh McDaniel way over paid his first round draft pick.

If it is the coaching, I can live with that.  But lets just call it what it is:  The system and not the player.


  1. Dead on again brother!!! Didnt Florida among others want Murray's services? And Mettenbergers for that matter? I guess if they were in the "system" they would be greater than they are now at UGA. Well thought out piece of writing. Go Dawgs

  2. Richt has no idea on how to develop a qb. I mean he had nothing to do with Charlie Ward winning a Heisman, or Chris Winkie(sp?) and for sure had nothing to do with David Greene being the now second winningest QB in CFB history. DJ Shockley was awful(sec championship) in his one year as a starter and Stafford was so poorly developed only Detroit would take him (of course it was with the 1st pick but obviously only Detroit would have taken him in that draft).