Friday, August 6, 2010

From the Cornfield

  • So the Big 10 has decided on Lucas Oil Stadium for their championship game.  So much for "We're the Big 10, we should play in the snow."  
  • After reading that article, does anyone get the feeling that the rest of the Big 10 view a trip to Lincoln the same way we view a trip to Fayetteville?  At least Arkansas is close to several schools in the West.  Nebraska is the same drive from Indy that it is from Champaign to Atlanta.  
  • RichRod is in trouble for what happened at West By God Virginia.  Gotta love votes of confidence before any embarrassing losses.
  • I just looked at Louisiana-Lafayette's scheduled and realize the Ragin' Cajuns are playing a pretty tough schedule.  However, if you want to see the differences, notwithstanding last year's loss in Stillwater, between Georgia football and Oklahoma State football, look at the match up for the Cajuns on October 8th.
  • I was expecting to see the 1983 Sugar Bowl on the ESPN House of Pain list, but a bit lower than 22nd.
  • I was also expecting to see the 1966 Georgia Florida game on the list for the Gators.  Alas, the game that makes Bill Stanfill the face of every boogie man in Steve Spurrier's nightmares didn't make the main list, but was Florida's top HOP game.
  • Bernie catches us up on Richard Samuel's situation.
  • St. Urban is closing practices to protect his players from scumbags and internet people.  Finally, I know what I am.  In a related story, Derek Dooley won't be allowed to coach the Vols on the sidelines when they visit in 2011. Hey, Urban, the jerk store called....
  • You know Houston Nutt was about to pop, not being able to talk about Felonsoli until he arived on campus.  Now, his wait is over.
  • Heisman Pundit puts together a pretty good list of over rated players.  I don't know that I can argue with any one pick.
  • When I saw this headline, I had to think the obvious answer was "Not make so many stupid coaching decisions."  Turns out, it was pretty close to that...if the Zooker can actually let it happen.
This is what Steve Spurrier checks for under his bed before he goes to sleep.

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