Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free, Free as We'll Ever Be

It occurred to me today after reading Mark Bradley (sorry no link, he still writes for the AJC), the past two seasons' performance against expectation ratio have actually taken pressure off the Dawgs and their coaches this season.  I'm not saying the football team isn't taking it easy; Bradley seems pretty clear on that.  I am saying that after going into the season with the number one ranking in 2008 and being a team 'without stars' facing one of the most difficult schedules in college football in 2009, it is refreshing that the primary thoughts this camp are about getting a young QB ready for leading the offense and getting a new defense in place.  

I have no idea if this means anything to the players or coaches, it is just a thought I had thinking back to how it feels much different to me as a fan than the last two seasons. Actually, it feels like it did during Coach Richt's second season in Athens, when the 8-4 season and a couple of key coaching snafus made folks questions what 2002 would bring.  I know, the question marks are bigger in 2010, but it feels like 2002 to me.  Tons of potential, no outside pressure to live up to.


One other random thought: If you've read Bradley's piece, you also see a bit of evil Richt in there.  $5 and the first drink is on me if you get a real picture of Richt's emerging goatee.


  1. Actually it feels like 2007 to me. Starting QB who has been in the program for a year and a half. Likely starting RB has been on campus for a year. And a defense that will likely take some time to jell. I could see us struggling with the likes of USC and UA in September only to really turn it around for the last two months of the season, particularly once the defense and Murray get it figured out. One positive that we didn't have in early 2007 is an experienced OL that, IMO, is significantly more talented (and experienced) than what we had in 2007.

  2. SSB I completely agree with you. The big question is can we come out of the half of the season 1 game better than we did in 2007. If we do then I think a SEC title is not out of reach. Come out of the first half undefeated and look out for how far we might be able to go.