Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For anyone that has to fly much

You either love this or hate it.  Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater just lost it.  The flight attendant that went 'berserk' and jumped off the plane is destined for folk hero status.  Hey, I think what he did is kind of cool in a completely blow your career up kind of way.

I dig the way ABC news makes him sound like some maniac for telling a passenger that used decidedly not nice language to ((go jump in a lake)).  Way to present the news in an objective manner.

If you fly much at all, you often see these people, and you know the ones I am talking about.  Have to be first off the plane, pushing you from behind, hitting you in the head with their bag and constantly complaining that they have to wait seven minutes for a gate to be open.  Hey, you just flew from Chicago to New York in less than two hours.  The way I figure it, you are currently 15 hours ahead of having to drive and you paid about the same as you would have for gas and wear on your car.

I think they should out the passenger involved, personally.  Flight attendants generally are a friendly, but overworked bunch.  Most have good attitudes and are willing to be helpful to even the least worthy among us. If the clown that thought the seat belt sign and 'please wait until the plane is stopped at the gate' warning didn't apply to him was getting the same attention that this flight attendant is, maybe people would think a bit before going off on anyone on a plane.

Ok, back to football.

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