Thursday, August 5, 2010

Come on Derek, do the right thing

Yesterday, I posted that I thought Derek Dooley was playing lawya ball with the reinstatement of Walls and King.

Today, I am sure of it.

Said King, "I want to apologize to the young man because it was just the wrong thing to do, I reacted in the wrong way and I just put it on me."

"I made a mistake." "It's the time for football, and that is that."  -Marlon Walls

Let me ask you, the reader, a question:  Would you feel you needed to apologize to someone if you hadn't wronged them?  Would you feel like you made a mistake for merely being around your friends when they did something wrong?  

So, since the police can't prove anything, for whatever reason, Dooley is saying being suspended for the month of July is good enough.  I mean, we playin' football in a month and that is real, y'all.

Seriously, Dooley, your momma taught you better than that.  You have made your deal with the devil.  I never thought I'd say this, but you could learn a thing or two from Bruce Pearl about these situations.  If I am a Tennessee fan, I'd be pretty embarrassed by the thin moral ice Dooley is walking on.


  1. The real bad part about this is that apparently the UT coaches were not forthcoming with the Knoxville police about what they found out. Dooley basically is saying that although he knows what happened and who did it he knows that the police can't proscecute so he's not going to do a thing. This is beneath contempt and has totally changed my mind about the character of Derrick. He has announced to the SEC and the nation that things are back to normal at Volnation. At least Kiffin kick two of his perps to the curb. Derrick took the easy way out. Vince you can't be proud of this.

  2. He's in the Win At All Cost Mode!
    A rookie Coach who wants to try and secure his future for a few years. I guess he figures the payday is worth it.

  3. This is sad on so many different levels. You hate to see a HC look so far the other way in gerneral, but this is VD's kid. This really runs down the rep of everyone involved, which is fine when it is just UT and their AD....but to run down the Dooley name is just wrong.


  4. The pressure to succeed in big-time SEC football has obviously already gotten to DD. Hey Barbara, the one you call "Precious" does have character flaws.