Saturday, August 14, 2010

Away Game Travel: Mississippi State on Sept 25th

Getting to Starkeville, much like getting to Jacksonville, should take the average driver about six hours from Atlanta.  So, why aren't there more Dawg fans in Starkvegas when Georgia takes on the Bizzaro Dawgs is beyond me. The drive is the same (actually about 30 miles shorter). Yeah, it is Mississippi State. And Starkville.  But, you have to drive through Tuscaloosa, which means Dreamland Ribs.  Ain't nothing like 'em anywhere.

As a bonus, the Tide is at Arkansas, so getting through Tuscaloosa and to Dreamland shouldn't be that big of a deal.  Trust me when I say, Dreamland's ribs and bannana pudding are pretty close to worth the trip alone.

While we don't know the time yet, here is what I think the times for the games on the 25th will look like:

 Game Network Kickoff
  South Carolina @ Auburn  ESPN/ESPN2  12:00PM
  Fresno State @ Ole Miss  SEC Network  12:21PM
  Alabama @ Arkansas  CBS  3:30PM
  Kentucky @ Florida  ESPN2  7:00PM
  Georgia @ Miss State  ESPNU  7:00PM
  West Virginia @ LSU  ESPN  7:00pm
  UAB @ Tennessee   FSN/CSS  7:00PM

*The CBS doubleheaders aren't this weekend (the noon/3:30 double will be Nov 13th and the 3:30/8pm will be Oct 2nd, with the night game almost a mortal lock to be Florida at Alabama).

Two of the top five or six games in the nation are SEC games, with the only games not really spoken for by contracts yet are UCLA at Texas (which has ABC written all over it) and Temple at Penn State (which frankly has local access cable written on it unless Temple and Penn State are undefeated and unscored upon; even then it is at best an ESPN2 regional game).  The other games are Pac-10 games, one involving Notre Dame, so that is NBC.  CBS has already tabbed 'Bama at Arkansas or West By God Virginia at LSU as the two possibles for the afternoon game; obviously, I think they will go with Alabama at Arkansas and leave the night game in Baton Rouge for ESPN.

So, drive over on Saturday morning, hit Dreamland for lunch and still have plenty of your favorite beverage by kickoff at Davis Wade.

Just checking around, there are still plenty of hotel rooms in Columbus, which is the town back towards the east on Hwy 82, about 25 miles from Starkville and Tuscaloosa, which is just over an hour back towards Atlanta.  You can get tickets dirt cheap($20/uppers, $50/lowers), too.

If you are going to fly, there are still flights available on Delta from Atlanta to Golden Triangle International Airport in Columbus for Friday departure, but the Saturday flights are sold out, with a Sunday return for $320.  Throw in a car rental, you just as well drive.

Plus, more cowbell.

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