Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Away Game Travel: Colorado on October 2nd

The Dawgs hit Boulder on the first weekend in October.  Instead of talk about how hot it could be ala the Arizona State game, the talk could be about how cold it could be.  The average high and low are 72/45 for Boulder, making it possible the game will be like many November home games.  However, the records are such that a day in the 50s isn't out of the ordinary.  Oh, also, they do get snow there in early October.  Last year, Boulder got nearly 5 inches on October 10th, so it could be very different than what we'd be used to seeing in the SEC.

Either way, with a 5:00pm local time kickoff, it'll be getting chilly by the end of the game.

I plan on staying at the Boulder Marriott, which is right near campus.  As far as I can tell, it has been sold out for some time.  I found decent hotel options about 10 miles from campus, some with fairly low ($100-125/night) rates.  There are flights from Atlanta to Denver still in the sub-$300 range.

Also, the Colorado Bulldog Club will host a party at The Business Field. There are tickets available (for $26/per until Labor Day, then $32/per h/t BulldogBry) and include complementary beer....yeah, that'll be fun.

Boulder is known for its more laid back vibe.  It'll be fun visiting a Pac-12 Big-12 town.

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  1. I think the tix to the tailgate party are still $26. At least mine were last week. They go up to $32 starting on Labor Day.