Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another View of Chris Low's Rankings of SEC QBs

Check out Low's article.  His methodology:

"The simplest way to look at it is if the SEC coaches were all sitting in a room right now and were going to choose a quarterback to go play with this season, in what order would they come off the board."
The first two makes plenty of sense (although I'd argue his order is off) with Ryan Mallett and Greg McElroy.  He goes to lengths to talk about not considering pro prospects, then leads off with Mallett by noting his NFL quality arm.  Until Malett is shown to be less likely to lose ballgames, McElroy has to be the leader in my mind. 

Then he puts a guy who isn't the starter yet (in Jeremiah Masoli) and a guy that apparently I'm the only one that has questions about (in John Brantley).  We can debate the talent factor all we want, but I am pretty sure Brantley, Murray, Garcia and Jordon all come off the board before Masoli, putting aside Derek Dooley's probable meltdown when he found out that he could have gotten Masoli, but didn't.  I kid.  A little. 

The final six are Hartline from Kentucky, Cam Newton, Murray, Chris Reif from Mississippi State, Simms at Tennessee and Larry Smith at Vandy.  Just looking at the list, I have to say I could take Mallett and McElroy out at the top and Smith, along with whomever Tennessee and Mississippi State picks on the bottom and shake them up.  John Brantley hasn't shown me any thing that Mike Harline hasn't.  Cam Newton has great physical skills.  Garcia is a returning starter (who, thinking about it, should be the third QB on this list because of his experience).  Masoli is such a wild card.  He is a great talent, but it should be noted that he hasn't won the starting job, has to learn a different offense, and has to stay out of trouble. The only sure thing on that list is winning the starting job. 

Of course, this isn't really an academic exercise.  It is about putting words on a page and maybe being provocative, a bit. It is hard to truly quantitatively rank the QBs right now. 

So, would you put Masoli and Brantley ahead of Garcia?  What about Jordon Jefferson?  Anything about him that makes you think the coaches of the SEC would rather have him than Newton? Murray?


  1. I watched the LSU spring game and Jefferson should not even be ranked. If Miles doesn't pull a QB out of his hat then his days are numbered.

    Brantley is getting the Gator love that winners do. Garcia is getting dumped on because his coach's style is building winning QB's through insult. If SOS is going to hate on him why should the pundits love him. Garcia has to be one of the most long suffering people ever. Most would have punched the Ole Ball Coach out a long time ago.

  2. UGA69Dawg...

    I wonder what the over/under on Spurrier's car getting keyed by Garcia are if things don't go as well as planned?

  3. I agree with what you're saying, but Murray is the only one on that list yet to take a snap in college. His ranking seems about right. Let's hope it shoots up throughout the season.