Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 Plays Aaron Murray Needs to Do Well to Succeed This Season

The other day, I was thinking about Aaron Murray and what we (or really, Mike Bobo) could realistically expect from his redshirt Freshman season.  Like any Georgia fan, I'd love to see him throw for 3200 yards and 20 TDs.  Realistically, running the base plays well allowing him to succeed on a more mundane level will do nicely.  I'd like to say being able to hand the ball off a bunch is key, but I think defenses will make him do more than that to be successful.
  • Tight End Screen - When you have someone on the Mackey watch list who isn't the starter at tight end, you know you are pretty deep at TE. Between Aron White, Arthur Lynch and Orson Charles, not only does Georgia have the best trio of tight ends with names that start with vowels, you have a great argument for 10-12 throws a game to the TEs.  At least.  Being in the position to successfully execute the TE screen gives Mike Bobo some options to free up Green, as well as the running backs, with the bonus of putting the dynamic of having to tackle one of the those TEs, with Ben Jones, Clint Boling, and Cordy Glenn leading them into the defensive backfield.  
  • Counter Trey - This isn't as much as an execution thing as much as the ability to read when checking down to the counter trey is the right call.  Too often, QBs will check into the counter trey when he thinks there is going to be a blitz, because the counter trey can be a good way to counteract an over aggressive defense.  However, that usually happens in a 3rd and long situation, when a counter trey might not be the best call because of the numbers advantage for the defense with a nickle back and pressure.  Knowing when the counter trey is the right call and when it isn't is huge, in my mind.  As important will be the need for Aaron not being too cute and overthinking the situation when he does checkdown.
  • Play Action Pass - The David Greene-Aaron Murray comparisons are quite apt.  One thing that Murray will need to be good at is the play action pass and especially the hidden ball play action.  DJ Shockley never had to run the play too much.  He had his legs to keep him out of trouble.  Matt Stafford had his arm.  Joe Cox never got the play down pat (despite what I was thinking this time last year).  Aaron Murray needs to get the ball fake play action pass down.  Georgia will have the running game and a receiver that will be double teamed enough to make that happen.  Doing so will help free up other plays, keep Murray from having to call too many audibles and keep defenses honest.
  • The Out Route.  Many of Georgia's most successful plays the past few years has been the out route.  Being able to throw the ball to the place that only the Georgia receiver can catch the ball is paramount to this play being successful.  Being able to recognize that the play isn't there or, more importantly, that the safety is in position to jump the route is as important. Recognizing that the receiver has a step on the corner (or even better, that the receiver is covered by a LB) and being able to deliver the ball in stride will make his season very successful.
Of course. Being able to put a couple of these elements together in the same play would be fun to watch.  Something like this maybe:


  1. I think AM has his legs for backup. He won't be a DJ but he can sure outrun Joe and Matt. My recurring nightmare is the Joe Cox pass to the DL and LB's. This happened usually when he got desperate. All I ask is that AM just throw it away or eat it before giving up an Int.

  2. actually, i don't remember seeing the hidden ball play since the 2007 sc game, when bobo called it on fourth-and-2, no one bought it, stafford was sacked, it contributed to our losing the game, and therefore to our not getting to atlanta and possibly the mnc.

    play-action is important to master, but this particular play is a gimmick that generally succeeded until other teams recognized it as part of our offensive repertoire and coached their players to be wary of it. basically, we over-used it, but perhaps it's been long enough now that it can be effective once or twice. (admittedly, though, stafford didn't sell the fake worth a shit).

  3. Man, I love that Greene to Edwards play. That was during my freshman year in my undergrad years. Sigh...This just makes me miss the college life even more. Damn graduation and becoming a responsible adult.