Saturday, August 28, 2010

19 year olds lie?

Let's get this out of the way:  Washaun Ealey lied.  He likely lied to his head coach's face.  For everyone out there going on about how this was Coach Richt's fault, he's lost control of the program, the Fulmer Cup is the only champlionship Richt can win, let me say it again:  Washaun Ealey lied. 

I don't say this to be judgmental of Washaun.  Not even a little.  When I was 19, I lied to any number of people about stuff I didn't want to get in trouble or be hassled about.  My girlfriend.  My fraternity adviser. My professors.  That girl I knew that I lied to my girlfriend about. My momma. I say this to illustrate the shear idiocy of blaming Mark Richt for the actions of 19 year olds.  Ealey did the most basic of things, he drove a car.  Yes, he drove it into another car.  Yes, he did it on a suspended license. Yes, he left after doing so. Still, there are those out there that are ready to fire Mark Richt over the actions of a 19 year old, specific actions that this specific 19 year old was told to avoid.

So, should Richt take all licenses away?  Ankle monitors?  Bed checks?  Tell me how Kirby Smart or Will Muschamp would have prevented this.

I only say this to point out that there is an element of truth to Richt's arena comments.  We as fans or sports 'columnist' can get all high and mighty in a hurry over stuff like this.  I, like everyone else am pissed off at Washaun's lack of judgment.  However, under no circumstances do I think the coaches are responsible for this.  For that matter, I think the only person Ealey really hurt was himself.  I want him to get his game and other punishment out of the way.  Stand up and take it like a man, unlike the way he handled running into a car in the parking deck.  I feel pretty sure that anyone over the age of 19 can look back and be honest with themselves and think "but for the Grace of God go I".

Also, Ealey got the game suspension for lying.  He does it again, he'll be playing somewhere else. You can put that money in the bank.


Can someone please explain to me how Damon Evans driving drunk and philandering, Dontavious Jackson (who got six games suspension) driving drunk, Tavares King being drunk(and suspended one game) and Zach Mettenberger's Remberton shenanigans have anything to do with this?  I haven't taken the time, but does the media list all of the transgressions of every athletic program whenever an athlete is arrested at other schools?  I know other athletes get arrested.  A basketball player at Illinois nearly killed a team mate in a car wreck, leaving him in the car when he got back to the apartment. Just last week, a football player at Oregon State was nekkid in some ole girl's house when he got into a three point stance and tried to tackle the police.  Hilarity did not ensue.  Is this the perp walk listing just a phenomenon of Athens?

Yeah, we get it, stuff goes down in the durty South.  Athens is a very dangerous place.



Is anyone else ready for some football?


  1. He is 21. Yes a 21 year old true sophomore.

  2. Technically he did not lie to Coach Richt, he broke his promise not to drive. Zach M lied to Coach Richt and got gone. I think Coach Richt made it clear that he was pissed. I mean he has visited kids in jail before, he didn't even want to talk the Ealey.

  3. Here's my only concern about this. Richt said he knew about Ealy's license revocation, but that revocation came from a failure to appear on a speeding ticket. Along with that failure to appear and license suspension comes a bench warrant. So, did CMR know about the warrant also? Hopefully not.

  4. As Anonymous #1 correctly stated Washaun is 21. When does the "he's a college kid" excuse end? That's my question. I don't blame the coaching staff, I blame Washaun Ealey, a 21-year-old adult.

  5. Jennifer, I completely agree. I work with students who are from one to five years older than 21. They have much, much more to lose than a football player for illegal actions. They still engage in those actions. It just never ceases to amaze me what the Fire Richt crowd latches on to.

  6. As for people who think Richt is too soft, he has kicked many a player off the team, what harsher punishment can he give out that would satisfy people. Maybe he should start public stonings of guys who get out of line to show how tough he is.