Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome aboard, Mr. Crumley

By Jimmy Cracked Corndawg

With the appointment of Frank Crumley as UGA's interim AD, the University is able to move forward from what was a most ugly chapter in its history. Fortunately, it also allows Damon Evans to move on...wherever and however that may be.

Frank is hard-working, well-respected member of the UGA athletic staff and I am personally excited to see him get this opportunity. Yours truly and Exilus Maximus both sent congratulatory emails today and got responses tout suite. He's a class act and at 46 is a bit older and perhaps more seasoned than his predecessor. I actually met Frank in the early 90s when he was working in marketing and promotions; introduced, in fact, by Exilus Maximus.

There are lots of theories flying around about who will get the long-term gig. Mark Bradley made a compelling push for Dr. Carla Williams but as she is on the search committee, that kind of answers the question there. Bulldog faithful seem to want Greg McGarity get the job but the fact that he is seen as a "Dooley loyalist" seems to work against him.

My own view is this: if you're going to hire some AD's assistant, why not hire the guy who has been working for your AD all along? Here's to your trial run, Frank. Best of luck, and Go Dawgs!

* Jimmy Cracked Corndawg thinks Frank Crumley is a DGD.

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