Sunday, July 18, 2010

Warning: Might piss of those that are PC.

So Adolek Kohn survies Auschwitz, then 65 years later makes a video of himself dancing to "I Will Survive" at the camp.  Help me understand why this is bad?

There are those that say it makes light of something that should never be made light of.  I say Adolek Kohn survived the horrors there. If he want to make a plushy porn video where he is a huggy bear and there are midgets in opposum outfits, then he gets to.  Ok, that might be a bit disrepectful, but an actual survivor going to what has to be the most horrifying time of his life and showing that he is bigger than the horror that was the holocost is awesome.  Is it lighthearted? Sure.  Does it get the message out to a 'younger generation'? Yes.

If Gloria Gaynor had shot the original video there that would be disrespectful.  An actual survivor of Auschwitz doing so with the same song is brave and awesome, at least to me.


  1. Maybe we can get some Dawgs to do a version of this at the stadium in Jax

  2. More power to him!

  3. different approach but I see you point.