Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seven things to look for in training camp

Let me start by saying my knowledge of Georgia football and experience with football in general is what can be described as outside the arena.  I haven't had the opportunity to be close and more than a casual observer of football and collegiate athletics, but honestly, as long as Paul Finebaum is considered an authority, does that make me any less able to comment on such things as Cover-2 or H backs?  In the end, this is just my random thoughts about things I will look for as we progress from conditioning on August 2nd to game planning around August 30th:
  1. Does Aaron Murray make us forget that other guy who had to leave?  Yeah, I know his name is Zach Mettenberger.  My point is this:  Aaron Murray won the starting job, then Zach had a better GDay (at least by the numbers).  Aaron needs to convince his team that his enormous physical talents are matched by solid decision making and the ability to handle the playbook.  Note I said his team.  I could care less what the fans think.  As long as his team believes in him, that will be enough for me.  Having AJ Green and Aron White making comparisons between the ball he throws and the one Matt Stafford throws is a bonus.  Having the head coach starting to temper expectations the week before ULaLa isn't.
  2. No one is spending too much time at St. Mary's Hospital.  Hey, I love St. Mary's.  My two oldest kids were born there.  I don't want any Georgia Bulldogs showing up there.  Also, no more unspecified off field injuries would be nice.  Hearing Dr. James Andrews name during the next month is a heart breaker.
  3. The starting offense is genuinely impressed at the progress of the 3-4. Todd Grantham's mantra is aggression. There was some debate last year about the value of aggression as it applied to the kickoff coverage schemes.  I continue to think it is always better to have your best players doing things aggressively (which is a swipe at both last year's kickoff coverage and defensive coaching).  Having those two factors will be an improvement.  If the players execute Coach Grantham's schemes, then it could be a fun year.  Look for the offensive linemen to make comments on the improvement from spring as an indicator.
  4. Both King and Ealey impress, but neither seperates from the other.  I think having a strong one-two punch in the backfield will be key in helping manage number 1 above.  Unless either King or Ealey can put up Mark Ingram type numbers and become the receiving/blocking machine that Verron Hayes was, I am ok with them both threatening 1000 yards and 200 carries this season.  Look for no one talking about fumbles and Coach Richt talking about improved blocking as indicators of success here.
  5. Kickoffs are more than an afterthought.  I don't have to go too much into this, but hearing players complain about the time spent on kickoff coverage wouldn't hurt my feelings.  Hearing that Blair Walsh has only left three kicks short of the goal line during August will make me very happy.  Hearing Warren Belin say he's letting Walsh kick it just as far as he can and letting his athletes get down field and dare anyone to try to come out of the end zone will make me leg-humping ecstatic.
  6. Hearing the secondary talk about how much fun playing for Scott Lakatos is. The defensive secondary only has two things that they get to do that makes up for the 40 plays a game that they have to run 35 yards down the field before they realize the play was another FB dive:  Intercept passes and hit people in the open field.  Having a scheme that allows them to be in position to do both, especially if said hits in the open field involve blindsiding a QB here and there, will make me feel great.
  7. Having the first team D dominate the first team O in scrimmages.  Hey, I'm a defensive ball player at heart.  I am not worried that much about Georgia's ability to put up points with the Offensive line, AJ Green, Ealey/King and Blair Walsh all factoring in on that side of the ball.  I am worried about the new defense, not so much for the schemes, coaches or players in general, but because we do have some players that are playing out of position, especially on the line.  Be honest, which would you rather: Outscore our opponents by 4 points per game and only allow 15ppg or outscore our opponents by 4ppg and allow 27ppg?  Not a hard choice for me.
I am sure there are some other things, but these are the seven that have been bothering me for a few days.  What'd I miss?


  1. Another question, who will make us forget "Errorn Intercepta-Murray"?

  2. Murray's gotten a nickname from a Techie already?

  3. You are not worried about the offense, at all ?

    No fumbles no interceptions no penalties

    Scoring plus + 20 points advantage