Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Then on Wednesday, I could see just a little

Dude,  not a good story for the players accused in Vol Bar Beatdown 2010. 

Gary Russell: "You should have seen the other guys!" (
Not that it matters, only two players have been arrested, but apparently none for the accused holding and beating of Mr. Russell.  If a group of them held him whilst others beat him about the head and neck, I can't see how any of those guys beat a serious rap for felony assault.  Hey, where is the Red and Black when you need some righteous indignation?

The good news is that this kind of stuff "personally affects" Mike Hamilton, so they have that going for them.  Not sure what he is reading, but it looks to me that his head is way in the sand there if he thinks the average Vol fan is supportive:
Asked if UT had received a backlash from angry fans weary of football players making the news for all the wrong reasons, Hamilton said, "Actually, I've gotten very positive feedback since the announcement of how we were dealing with it."
Maybe they do need the Red and Black up there with some righteous indignation.

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