Thursday, July 29, 2010

Southern Cal Still Looking for an Opponent?

Word is that USC was spurned by Tennessee in an offer to play in the Chick-Fil-A kickoff game in 2011.  That's not surprising, considering Mike Hamilton is still recovering from the last buggering he got from Lane Kiffin.  Yeah, I know, Tennessee and Southern Cal are planning on playing in 2020 or something, so the Vols can walk away from it, but honestly, do you think there is anything good that can come of a Tennessee team that may well be playing with 15 or 16 sophomore or redshirt freshmen starters in 2011 against a Lane Kiffin coached team?  It doesn't matter how down Southern Cal might be, Kiffin has shown just how much he can get a team ready for one game.  He'll have the Trojans convinced that this is their bowl game (which it probably will be).  Nothing good can come of it for the Vols.

That got me thinking, though:  What about Georgia?  I know, I know there were protestations about having a 'home' game in the Dome.  I know we have Louisville already scheduled and there is a buyout associated with that and the scheduling headaches that come from blowing up that agreement.  I know the guy that was leading the discussion of Georgia playing in the Dome kickoff game is no longer around.  Still, from my place, it'd be huge.

2011 is the year we'd have available to do this, because we currently have seven home games scheduled (Louisville, South Carolina, Coastal Carolina, Mississippi State, New Mexico State, Auburn and Kentucky).  Georgia isn't going to go below six home games, nor should we.  Financially, it'd not be quite home game good (for the Athletic Association; I realize the hit Athens would take), but with a payout of over $2mil, you could go along way in making it worth it.  Also, there is probably some negotiating room for Georgia to get the payout up.  A final upside, in my mind, is keeping all of the SEC teams out of Atlanta for a year. 

I haven't liked the idea of the Louisville series from the start.  Dump it, get Southern Cal, in what would be a compelling game and tell Southern Cal we want a return game in San Diego.  Please. 

I'm not the only one:
-A Season Opener in the Dome? (Paul Westerdawg)

OK, as soon as I post this, I see Tim Tucker has done actual newspapering and gets to the bottom of the rumors that prompted the post (as an aside, he's a breath of fresh air next to some of those other clowns there).  Gary Stokan denies a USC vs. UGA game could happen.  The point of my post still stands, though: I'd trade Louisville for USC in the Dome in a skinny minute.   Of course, if you follow the Jimmy Crackedcorndawg rule that a hard denial means a yes....

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