Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the DUI

While I am not as clear minded about this event as T. Kyle King, I do have a couple of observations:

  1. The DUI is a very big deal.  It is not a deal breaker, per se.  If Damon has other alcohol related issues that we don't know about, maybe...maybe, he is out.  If this is the first one, then not so much.  Is this an egregious lapse of judgment? Yes.  Is it a very dangerous behavior that he specifically cautions all of us at Georgia games about.  But we don't know if he was merely a half drink past too much (and before you blast me, I am not saying you should ever drink and drive, but be honest about your past behavior; I know it is probably but for the grace of God go I in this instance) or knee walking drunk.  It does make a difference.
  2. The bigger deal is his passenger.  What were they arrested for.  While there are a number of things a passenger in this instance can be arrested for, the most damning to Damon is illegal drugs. If he was in a car with someone with blow, unless said blow was in a very personal and individualized carrying container (I don't even know enough about cocaine, outside of what I have seen on Scarface or Entourage, to know what to call it).  Same goes for just about any type of other drugs.  If the passenger was arrested for mouthing off, the other reason that immediately comes to mind for a passenger to get arrested, it could be ok.
  3. A third reason a passenger would be arrested is one that I just don't want to think about, but it involves creating a situation that makes the driver do things like weave or drive inattentively.  That can't end well for Damon, regardless of who the passenger is.


  1. The third thing you are referring to we all know should never happen. I thought Georgia had passed a law against talking on your cell phone.

  2. Forgetting the speculation about the passenger and focusing only on the known - the DUI - Damon cannot continue as AD. Otherwise, UGA is sending the wrong message to both its student body and the rest of the nation.

    It's not about casting the first stone or whether 1 DUI should get anyone fired from any job. For example, the manager of a brewery probably wouldn't get fired for DUI. But when the top dawg tells thousands each week "don't do it" and then he does's hypocrisy at its highest.

    Life will go on for Damon. Perhaps he can gain asylum at another institution, within a conference office, in the NFL, in business...whatever. Maybe he can even continue to serve his penance in another role with UGA. But not as AD and not now.

    I hate to agree with Mark Bradley on anything, but Damon should have offered his resignation at the presser.

    The parallels with Tiger are unavoidable. But once you get past all the punchlines we have to remember there is a wife and kids who didn't ask for any of this. If, as Exilus Maximus suggests, Damon has bigger problems to deal with then he'll probably need that time to heal the wounds in his family.

    UGA will continue to be a winner regardless of who becomes AD. And Damon will always be a Dawg. But this is a no-brainer.