Friday, July 23, 2010

Mike Bianchi: "Please, please love me!"

Take the time to look at his piece, Georgia fans.  It truly is the essence of the typical Florida fan's "football started in 1990" mindset.  For the most part, it strikes me as a quickly written something-to-get-the-editor-off-my-back-so-I-can-hit-the-strip-club piece. 

He posits that Georgia is closer in history and tradition to South Carolina than Florida, but for Herschel Walker and a 'fluke' play in Jacksonville in 1980.  Now, I won't for one second debate the issue of Belue to Scott and the effect it had on the 1980 football season or the luck involved in that whole season.  However, I see that as no more fluky than say the official giving Florida a time out after a play was run in 1993.  You have to have luck to win a national championship.  Ask Alabama.

Also, is having Herschel Walker any more fluky than having Tim Tebow?  Anyone?  Both were game changers.  Both literally lifted their teams on their shoulders and carried them.  Only one cries like a 3rd runner up at a county fair beauty pageant.

Seriously, Georgia fans expect to compete for national titles, something Georgia has done in the past 10 years. I don't believe it is any more unreasonable for Georgia fans to expect that any more than it is for a number of schools, including Florida. Yes, the last national championship (or the only one in the 'modern' era, you know, since football didn't really start until 1990) was 30 years ago.  However, in the ensuing 30 years, Georgia has won 5 SEC Championships to Florida's 8 (not counting the one the Gator's vacated in 1984, which reminds me of another fluky play: the Kerwin Bell duck that Ricky Nattiel caught to give the Gators a win in Jacksonville).  Georgia is in LSU, Alabama and Florida's territory when it comes to BCS games.  South Carolina: 0 for 0, with no conference titles of any type since the 'pre-modern' era of 1969 when they won the ACC title.

Hey, if you want to posit that Mark Richt should be fine because Georgia is a program that averaging 10 wins a year over a long term is good enough, then we can debate the merits of the average Georgia fan's vision of expectation verses reality.  If your point is that the average Georgia fan should shut up and be happy with 8 wins a year, in effect saying "shut your hole and know your role," then Mike Bianchi can kiss my red and black ass.


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