Friday, July 2, 2010

Further thoughts on Damon's DUI

In what has to be the final straw that convinces David Hale that he can never vacation again, Damon Evans got himself arrested for DUI Wednesday night.  I merely repeat that for the one guy that was on a plane for 16 hours yesterday.  Since then, his mug shot has been posted in multiple places, we have found out he has a 28 year old female that he wasn't related to in his car, we found out she was arrested. 

What we don't know is his fate.

Yesterday, I discussed my first observations, noting that the DUI was bad, but not as bad as what his 'Just a friend' was arrested for.  I am not implying thing untoward about Damon or the lady arrested with him.  I am simply stating a matter of fact that if her arrest were the result of something that reflects even more poorly on Damon, and thus the University, he won't be given the opportunity to offer his resignation. Absent more information, anything more about that is speculation, something I don't feel comfortable doing in this situation (yes, I know that is hypocritical considering).

However, Jimmy Crackedcorndawg's comments on yesterday's post got me thinking: should Damon resign?  While I think reasonable minds can differ, Jimmy brings up good points, but the most salient one to me is "Otherwise, UGA is sending the wrong message to both its student body and the rest of the nation."  Putting aside the agreeing with Mark Bradley thing, I think Jimmy is right, Damon should have offered his resignation.  Maybe he will.  If he doesn't, I will fully support him and think he can continue to lead the athletic department.  If he does, I will support Dr. Adams in whatever decision he makes.

Damn, did I just type that?  In all seriousness, I agree that Damon will probably lose his job and probably rightfully so.  I also feel that if he doesn't, he hasn't lost the ability to lead the department in the right way.  Put it this way, if he had a prior DUI (not sure if he does), would that change the way we feel about his ability to lead the department?  I don't think it would.  My thoughts on him resigning are based on the idea of conduct detrimental to the institution.  Basically, Dr. Adams is in the place he loves to be: He has enough wiggle room to make a decision that can go either way and do so in a way that keeps him squeaky clean, at least in his mind. I guess in the end, I just can't decide if I think he should go or stay (based on the facts we know right now).  While that isn't my decision (and I am glad it isn't), I still see argument for and against him having to resign.

Finally, I feel bad for Damon's family.  This is a difficult thing for them to deal with.  His actions are absolutely proper fodder for this kind of attention, but that doesn't make it easier for his family and they are in my prayers. 


  1. Let the record show that I only agreed with Mark Bradley, but Exilus Maximus said "I will fully, with malice toward none, and a chicken in every pot, support Dr. Adams." Or something to that effect. Are you sure you are married to Mrs. Exile?

    Seriously, though. If Damon survives this DUI thing, he wouldn't be the first. When Neil Calloway was offesnive coordinator, he got a DUI in Oconee County...and survived. Radio personality Jeff Dantzler, as we know, got a DUI and survived. Meanwhile, Alabama canned Kenny Stabler as their color guy (or he resigned), although it is worth noting that was not the Snake's first DUI.

    Some might draw from that "Does Alabama's moral compass point more toward true north than ours?" It's a slippery slope any way you cut it. If UGA says we'll cut Damon slack because it's his first DUI (presumably) then they run the risk of not practicing what they preach. If they fire him, they you can say Calloway and Dantzler got off light. Damon is far more influential than eithe of those guys, but in a situation like this, should it really matter?

  2. Great thoughts Exile and Jimmy. I just don't see how this plays out with Damon still in his dream seat. The two most prominent visuals in my mind the last 24 hours are his mug telling us not to drink and drive (...or we'll lose...) and the mugshot.

    Ugh. I hope the lovely Mrs. Evans kicked his ass for each of us yesterday. Cuz he surely deserves it (and more).

  3. Weighing all the different perspective, I can say that it’s a noble act that Evans offered his resignation. It’s more like acknowledging the mistake that he did. It’s never easy to lose a job; however, it shows his dedication and loyalty by leaving rather than damaging the company's image.

    Richard Johnson