Friday, July 30, 2010

Ah, the weekend

Football gets going on Monday.  Or as people up here say: it is Media Day.
  • Never mind.  With the Big Ten now going to twelve teams, Jim Delaney has a TWO day media extravaganza.  I hear there'll be clowns and cotton candy.
  • Why Northwestern isn't the best place to start or jump start a coaching career.  I do applaud the kid for his focus and wish him luck.  Look for some people to blame the SEC and BCS for this, even though it is basketball.
  • Reason No. 449 why eveyone but the biggest Tide homers hate Finebaum.  Next he'll suggest Mississippi State get kicked out of the SEC because he thinks the co-eds aren't hot enough.
  • Bernie pays homage to Amp Arnold.  Old number 82 is the source of my nickname, bestowed by Jimmy Crackedcorndawg in '79, due to my incredible foot speed and striking resemblance to Amp.
  • Paul Westerdawg awakens from his summer slumber to catch us up on some basketball scheduling news.
  • TGCPE's personal media outlet gives the Jaguars the business for not drafting him. 
  • Is it me, or was there a lot of hype followed by a lot of radio silence about the whole Agentgate thing?  I mean, I remember when newspapers would try to get to the bottom of a story.  Now, hyperbolic headlines must be enough.  I guess Lucid Idiocy was right.
  • If Georgia won't play a kickoff game in the Georgia Dome, maybe we should go to Los Angeles for one.
Yeah, this commercial isn't like the Bulldog in Exiles at all.

Have a good weekend.

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