Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AD search committee

I had a post written about the search committee appointed to find Damon's successor when I noticed it was preempted by Paul Westerdawg's piece yesterday.  The thrust of the piece I wrote was that anyone concerned about Dr. Adams doing something to 'screw up' athletics need not worry.  Do I trust Dr. Adams? Not much.  But based on the people on the committee, I feel good about this search.

As a caveat, I do personally know David Shipley and think his selection as the chair is an inspired one.  Mr. Shipley served as Dean of Georgia Law for a number of years and was an independent voice, sometimes to his detriment, during his tenure.  I noted with interest when he was appointed as the UGA faculty athletics representative after Jere Moorhead became Provost, because it signaled an important willingness of Dr. Adams to consider athletics too important to merely put yes men in place.

PWD hit the nail on the head:  This hire will likely be the lasting legacy of the Michael Adams presidency.  As much as Mike Adams loves to wield power, you have to remember, he is a political historian.  He knows the value of legacy.  Screw up this and anything good he might have accomplished over his tenure will be vastly outweighed by the decision to put a poor choice in charge of athletics to all but the most ardent of the Adams apologists. Get a great long term hire and much of the well documented issues with his presidency will be forgotten by a large number of people.  Not saying it will to me or you, but to many it will.

The committee makes me feel much more comfortable with the search.  The selection of David Shipley is a large part of that.


  1. Jere Moorhead? Great, all we need is another fat guy on the committee...Seriously, things I like about Shipley (1) He's got a legal mind (2) Has worked all over the SEC and (3) Listens to sportstalk in the afternoons.

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