Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on What if?

Ok, so it looks like Colorado is going to the Pac-1x.  It looks like Nebraska will go to the Big Ten (becoming the 12th team), as soon as tomorrow when the Nebraska Board of Regents meet.

So where does that leave the Big 12? Notre Dame?  Missouri?

I think it depends on how ambitious the Pac-1x gets.  Will adding just one more school be enough? Can they get the Texas schools without Baylor?  Is the Big Ten done at 12 teams?  Would Notre Dame join as a 13th team? 14th?  Who does the Big 12 get is Colorado and Nebraska are the only teams to leave? What if Missouri also leaves?

I still think the Big 12 survives.  I just cannot see how the money, especially for Texas, can get better by joining a 16 team conference.

Obviously, this is just wild speculation on my part, but I still think the Texas schools, reportedly meeting today, stay away from the Pac-1x and look to increase their sway over the Big 12.  My guess: TCU replaces Colorado and the Big 12 makes a play for Utah to replace Nebraska.  Right now, SMU and Houston are possibles, as well.

UPDATE: Colorado gone West.

UPDATE 2: Nebraska gone East?


  1. It won't happen but how great would it be if ND gave the big 10 the finger and joined the Big 12 to replace Nebraska. Then the Big 12 adds TCU and becomes a better conference. A guy can dream.