Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Profiles in Idiocy

Hey, Joe Barton is talking y'all!

Got your attention.  Joe Barton has made a startling discovery:  The money in college football is out there just waiting to be discovered.  A conference that is moving away from a playoff by eliminating their conference championship game proves that.  Ha, take that BCS. 

I know, I know.  He wasn't actaully saying that, but he does point out something that really is the driving force behind all of this playoff talk, that is the thought of an upset.  Playoff proponents don't care how a national championship is really chosen as long as we are given a chance to see upsets.  Think I am joking, go back and read Rep. Barton's last quote.

Hey, I don't like the idea of a playoff.  I don't particularly like the BCS.  I am ok with pollsters and others deciding who the champion is.  I am ok with more than one champion.  However to get there,  I do think D-I teams should only play other D-I teams.  Period. 

Hey,if your best argument for a playoff is the possibility of a smaller school sneaking up and upsetting a bigger school (defining big and small however you like), then you have lost me.  You want a fair playoff?  Well, we have to find a way for the likes of Louisville or Boise State or Ball State to play as tough a regular season schedule as Clemson or Oregon.  At least.  At the minimum, Kansas State and Texas Tech cannot be allowed to schedule the way they do.

The most interesting part of the Joe Barton argument to me is that he thinks he is on to something.  Will someone explain how a college football playoff will bring more money into the coffers of the small schools, those have-nots?  Anyone?  Can't do it without somehow counting on some miracle such as Texas deciding to share their wealth?

Then shut up about money being the solution.  I'd put a bet on the money remaining the same, at best, if you destroy the bowl system and make the regular season less valuable. 

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