Saturday, June 19, 2010

On soccer and the Midwest

Just a random musing, but I would have thought Midwesternites would have cared more about soccer than they are showing during the World Cup. Granted, this is a very unscientific survey, but based on my conversations with friends at home and those with people here, Southerners are paying way more attention to the World Cup, with the exception of Jimmy CrackedCorndawg, who refuses to pay attention to soccer. 

Oh sure, the people I have met here that are soccer fans seem to be very knowledgeable, but the average person just doesn't care about the World Cup.  I think the main part of that isn't so much soccer as it it is national pride.  We Southerners are, by nature, a much more patriotic bunch than Midwesternites.  That isn't to say the average person here doesn't love American, it just seems that they care more about the sport that is being competed in to express their patriotism. 

We Southerners would root for America, even if it were chess or quiz bowl, I believe.  That is just the way we are programed.  Yes, we also are among the most critical of America and American government, but we also have the no-one-hits-my-brother-but-me mentality when it comes to outside criticism or competition.  That is something I have tried to explain, oftentimes without success, to my Yankee friends.  We might not like America (or our vision of what we think America is) at times, but we sure have an undying love for America and all things American.  Given a chance to root for Americans against anyone else, even if it is soccer, I get excited about it.  Relish it. 

That is just who I am.


  1. I actually did watch part of the US Game vs. Slovakia or Slovenia or Transylvania or one of them foreign countries last night....between writing about high school football and checking out US Open golf...oh yeah, and watching Friday Night Lights

    Here in the south, football (not soccer, but damn FOOTBALL) is year around. If that don't make me American, I don't know what do.

  2. Tiger has them right where he wants them.