Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh, Tommy

Look, I get it: Auburn had legit arguments in 2004 for a piece of the national championship.  Key word is had.

Now, Tommy Tuberville wants a re-vote since USC may have to vacate the 2004 BCS national championship due to Reggie Bush's jumpstart on his pro career. 

My favorite line:  "We never complained when they went by the process the last time..." 

Yep.  Never, ever complained.
That is a high comedy coming from Tuberville.  Of course, with all things, money is at the root of this.  Auburn might owe Texas Tech's new coach $3hundy large.  Now, Auburn is in the difficult position of deciding if a national championship is worth paying a guy they fired $300K, because you can bet Tuberville will have his hand out if that happens.  Especially considering Auburn's claim that they already have that championship anyway.

Now, we are past that.  I am sure if I were an Auburn fan, I'd keep screaming at the top of my lungs, just as they have done since January 2005.  However, being semi-rational about Auburn's argument (read: not Kyle King, he hates Auburn), there seems to be no real fair way to do this.  Technically Oklahoma, by virtue of losing to a team that was deemed unworthy to take the field, has an argument for claiming the championship.  Did Reggie Bush's contributions help USC put the Ike Turner style beat down on OU in the Orange Bowl?  Sure, but it wasn't near his best game (75 yards rushing and 30 or so receiving, no TDs).  It would be impossible to just ignore the game that definitely happened from OUs perspective, but the official rule book will show that it didn't really occur.  So do we re-vote, based on where the teams were before that game?

In the end, Auburn had a shot (I grant it wasn't the fairest at the time) and didn't get the championship.  I'd still be pissed about that if I were an Auburn fan.  In a lot of ways, Les Miles owes at least one of his trophies (and come to think of it, probably both) to Auburn, especially considering the two loss scenario.  Auburn helped put the SEC on the map in this current run, there is no doubt about that. 

Giving them a national championship if USC has to vacate theirs? I don't see it.

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