Friday, June 4, 2010

Karma and the Georgia Fan

I have a confession:  For someone that doesn't believe in the boogie man, hot/cold runs in poker, ufos, chubacabras, or Nick Saban's humanity, I place an inordinate amount of effort into not tempting karma.  For example, during long road trips, any mention of weather, traffic, well behaved kids, or drivers in the left lane going with traffic is forbidden.  I don't believe in talking about no hitters. You never show a strong bluff or gloat over sick river draw win, unless you do so to purely put some bung monkey who won't shut up in his place.

The same goes for Georgia football.  While my first reaction after the TGCPE's speech in 2008 was to laugh, I felt a bit bad about it.  I mean, despite him being a good very nice Godlike human being, I didn't want karma thinking I somehow didn't believe in his ability to do those things.  I went against my feelings, openly mocked him for it and you see what happened.  I am careful to balance my joy at others' misfortunes with the ever present concern that it could come back and bite me personally, probably in some crazy way like Kentucky mounting a comeback in the fourth quarter in Athens or Lane Kiffin having his very best game as Tennessee coach against Georgia.

That being said, let me say this:  It is refreshing that we have much less to talk about on the blogs and other places than in the recent past about the Georgia football program.  Just taking a quick look at the May-July span from the past couple of years, we have arrest team out of control issues (real and perceived), leadership questions, multiple injuries, football players not qualifying, questions about key starters at key positions, and the ever present angst over defense and kicking schemes.  When the 'Richt on the hot seat' meme nearly dominates the questions at SEC meetings, it tells me that folks are really reaching to find something to ask about, which is a good thing.

Again, I am not trying to poke karma with a stick.  I am merely making an observation about the Richt on the hot seat questions as it relates to other news about Georgia's football program.  

I swear.

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