Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Other News...Wait, there is other news?

Yawn.  The Big 12 lives.

Ok, I didn't foresee the turn of events, namely Beebe finally stepping up, that saved the Big 12.  All along, I though for certain there were great reasons for it to survive, even if all of those schools left.  With Texas staying in the Big 12, the best reason for the conference to live stayed.  With Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State staying, then the great part of the conference remaining great stayed.

In the end, I think this is a win for the conference.  Yes, they lose a conference championship game, but have to divide the remaining revenue with just 10 teams instead of 12.  They lose a program that is an underachiever in Colorado and a school that was the biggest agitator against the Big 12 South's control of the conference in Nebraska.  Furthermore, this shakeup gave Beebe and the the ADs the heat to get ESPN to move quickly to set up a package, something that might have taken much more time, if the looming threat of a big shift wasn't out there.

In the end, the only one that looks like he might have over played his hand was Pac-1x commish Larry Scott.  He took an audacious step in trying to add those Big 12 schools, no doubt.  However, he was left holding Colorado and still needing to add a team just to get balance in the conference.  The irony in all of this is that ESPN, a network the Pac-1x didn't necessarily want to deal with just a few years ago made sure the Pac-1x great plan failed. 

Larry Scott will take a play from Lane Kiffin here:  It's all part of the plan.

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