Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to a (hopefully) Future Dawg

My son turns 4 today.  I try not to make this thing too personal, however, I only wish to share a neat antidote about him and his love of Georgia football.

He (and my daughter who is five) are playing t-ball for the first time this year.  My boy, who is left handed, was asked by someone if he liked baseball, to which he said yes.  I am thinking, I might have my retirement plan in place already.

His coach then asked if he wanted to play baseball for the Cardinals when he grew up, to which he replied:
"No! I am going to play football for Georgia!"
I could not have been prouder.

Go Dawgs and happy birthday, son.

A  future Dback already doing film work.

1 comment:

  1. GATA, Exile!

    Follow your head, and not your heart, on this one.

    There is no more precious commodity on God's Green Earth than a quality left-handed pitcher.

    No breaking balls until he has a driver's license. Location and change of pace will get a lot of people out and make retirement a piece of cake.