Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greeks Make Better....

Pick your own word.  For those of you that don't follow soccer much, soccer players are the biggest crybabies in the world.  Bill Laimbeer took notes from these guys.

Yes, they run for 90+3+3 minutes a game.  Yes, they use thier heads as battering rams.  Yes, it is a physical sport.  However, it isn't unusual to see a full grown man get lightly bumped, then fall down in great agony, with trainers and such coming out and stoppage of play.  Furthermore, it isn't unusual to see the same grown man get up and finish playing the same match.  I just have no respect for that.

In this case, the Greecian that fell then got up to score the game winner in the 70th minute.

If you want a good reason why Americans don't like soccer generally, start here.

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