Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From the Cornfield

Check out David Hale's notes from Destin.  A couple of gems:
  • I love Steve Spurier giging Jeremy Fowler, although I did wonder why his fellow reporters didn't take up for him.
  • I fully expected the Tim Tebow questions.  Wait until media days....
  • Les Miles might be stupid or ballsy, but he is funny, too.
  • I don't think Tennessee fans will put up with as many 'bad years' as Derek Dooley thinks.
As for the rest of the world:
  • I really thought these two would make it.
  • But Cub fans have to blame someone....
  • Tyreke Evans can't drive 55.
  • I'm glad to know Urban Meyer's heart isn't a problem.  Looks like his ego isn't hurting either.
  • Hey, the Braves are doing ok, even if they are just good enough to win games on the last at bat.
  • Perhaps some among the USC faithful are a bit blasé about possible sanctions against them for Bushgate.  I bet the folks at Heritage Hall aren't nearly as 'what me worry?'
  • Is it me or does the Ohio State fan base sound a bit too similar to the Georgia fan base circa 2008? 
I still have two championships, right?

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