Saturday, June 12, 2010

Deny, Ofuscate, Make Counter Acusations

Looks like Nebraska took a play out of my old friend TicToc's playbook on their move to apply for membership in the Big Ten
"One school leaving a conference does not destroy a conference," Perlman said. "Nebraska did not start this discussion. After the Big Ten announced it planned to consider expansion, we saw reports that Missouri would want to go to the Big Ten, including a statement by their governor, a member of board of curators and chancellor -- comments that weren't clearly supportive of the Big 12."
Yeah, it was Missouri's fault.  At least Nebraska was all above board, right?

Take Tom Osborn's word for it
"As we read the tea leaves and listened to the conversations, some of the schools that were urging us to stay, we found some of them had talked to not only one other conference or two but even three, and those were the same ones urging us to stay."
Hey, just be upfront and say we felt the Big 12 South never considered us a partner (WHICH THEY DIDN'T).  Instead, they threw Missouri and Colorado (and others) under the bus.

The interesting point is that part of this may well be a result of the location of the Big 12 championship game and the outcome of last year's game, when a second (rightfully, by my mind) was put back on the clock, giving Texas a chance to kick a game winning FG.  I wonder how they'll feel in Lincoln when the Big Ten Conference Championship games will be held in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit or even Pittsburgh, but never anywhere closer to Lincoln (keeping in mind Dallas is only 100 miles further from Lincoln than Chicago)?

Stay classy, Nebraska.  Jim Delaney is so well known for his above board manner or tact.

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