Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dario Franchitti Drinks Dos Equis.

Indianans own the Indy 500 the same way people in Enterprise, Alabama own boll weevils.  Yeah, Indiana is a basketball state, but I garauntee you, if you were to ask any random native of Indiana what one event defines their state, they will say the Indianapolis 500.

It is no surprise my wife is no different.  We were driving back from South Georgia on Sunday and she was beside herself with indignation that no radio station in Atlanta, Chattanooga, or Nashville was carrying the Indianapolis 500.  I simply said that upside down airplanes are not cars, so we Southerners don't care.   That isn't true, I have always found the Indianapolis 500 to be a premier sporting event, even if the cars are funny and the names of the racers are funnier.  Oh, I love me some NASCAR, but there are only a couple of motor-sports events that I'd pick over the 500 (yes, the Daytona 500 and the Firecracker 400 are above it).   I mean, they've got Gomer Pyle singing "Sweet Home, Indiana" to kick the thing off. What isn't to like?

Speaking of funny names, when a dude with an Italian name who is Scottish wins the Indianapolis 500, then gets to kiss Ashley Judd for the rest of the year, HE is the most interesting man in the world. 

I'm just sayin' (Image:Yahoo)
Congrats to Dario.  He is a winner at life.

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