Monday, June 14, 2010

Dan Beebe is using Napoleon's Battle Plan

So, after trying as I may for the last week, I still can't figure out why the Big 12 has to die.  I fully reject the notion that without Texas staying in the Big 12, the conference is dead. Nonsense.  Well, it doesn't have to be dead.  However, the Big 12's commish are being as passive about this as can be, it seems.

Dan Beebe allegedly finally has put together a proposal for a 10 member conference, one that makes sense because it allows Texas (and others) to build their own TV network, something they won't be able to to in the Pac-1x.  It also has another advantage:  Nebraska is no longer in the conference.  Nebraska has long been the most difficult member school in the North, as far as pushing revenue distribution reform goes and complaining about division inequity.  Now, they aren't there to pester the other members. 

What if this was a gambit by Texas and others to get Nebraska out of their hair?  Now they have two less teams to divide the pie by (by my figures, about $2M per team, based on 2007 numbers).  Plus, there isn't a conference championship game to knock someone out of title consideration.  So, shrinking a conference makes sense.

Maybe showing up and seeing what happens works.

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