Friday, June 25, 2010

Ah, the Weekend

  • The Senator has video that I am sure Manny Diaz approves of.
  • Speaking of, you can follow Isner on Twitter here.
  • The Braves have made it difficult for me to talk to people today.  Thankfully, the one Mets fan in the building is out of town until next week.
  • I saw the Illinois football team playing sand volleyball this morning, now if only Ohio State would play them in sand...
  • Same goes for Penn State, Purdue, Missouri, Northwester, Nebraska and Fresno State.
  • I know I am a week late on this and thought about writing a post about it, but Pete Carroll needs to give me a break.  Short version of his comments about the NCAA infractions: I can't be held responsible for allowing everyone access to the most visible sports team in Los Angeles and I feel sorry for Lane.
  • Based on Tony Romo's prior relations, this seems a bit....hollow.
  • Like PWD, I know enough about soccer to shut up and enjoy the ride, but some people who do like the USA's chances to make the semis, at least, of the World Cup, which would be a big deal.

Have a good weekend. 

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