Friday, June 18, 2010

Ah, the weekend

  • It really is LSUFreek's internets and we just play on it.
  • Adam Morrison, the greatest 'Zag ever.  John Stockton can suck it.
  • Staying with the Lakers, does this get Kobe closer to Jordan status?  Does it matter that his indiscretion was with a hotel girl, instead of stacks and stacks of chips at a craps table?
  • Mountain West today=Mountain West, circa last week.  Why stop at nine?
  • The Senator raises a good question: When will the real realignment happen?
  • Hey, I'm not all that excited about soccer, but I would like to see the US make the knockout stage.
  • They might not drink Dos Equis, but the Mexican soccer fans turned out in force in South Africa.  As someone put it to me, the very 'easiest' way to get there involved flights from Mexico City to Atlanta to Johansaburg to whatever city they were playing in. About 30 hours one way. Think about that this fall when you are debating driving to Starkville. 
  • Compton and Swafford are looking to make the cut today in Pebble Beach.  Russell Henley is the top amateur and is only four shots off the lead.  DGDs all!
  • T. Kyle King has his usual 17 part, but very thoughtful analysis of David Perno's choice of pitching coach.  I almost applied before he made the choice, FWIW.
Have a good weekend.  Don't let the vuvu's get you down.

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