Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ah, the Weekend - Headed South, y'all

Yes, that is cold and a drink.
A much needed break from Central Illinois is in the offing.  The kids and I will head out this morning for a two week majical mystery tour that will include such exotic locales as Paducah, Monteagle, Emerson, Dudley, Cedar Crossing and Bristol.  That is just the drive down. 

We'll have some much needed recharge (read: kids picking up a decent accent and going fishing with grandparents) time that'll feature Matlock's "7th annual fireworks, fishfry and pig cooking, and not in that order" celebration and a cold drink or two by Jimmy Crackedcorndawg's pool.  The Missus will join us via the Graydog later in the trip and we'll go pay homage to remembrances past in Athens before we head back up here.

Due to the status of the Internets in the greater Otter Creek micropolitan area, posting will be spotty. Good news is that in less than four weeks, media days will be here.  Bring on some football, folks, Daddy's ready.

Ed, I am not your average every day fool...

Last one out of Illinois turn out the lights.

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