Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Worst Year Ever or We are 2nd?

Georgia was the second best overall sports program this past year in the SEC, according to the standings in the SEC All-Sports Trophy presented by the New York Times Regional Media Group.  Let that sink in.  Second.  Florida was first.  Alabama, who had a great year in football was 8th.

Now, I am not saying this has been a good year. Far from it.  However, being rational, when you finish in front of schools with both basketball programs going to the regional finals (Kentucky) or regional semis (Tennessee), or schools that made a deep run in gymnastics and won a national championship in football (Alabama), the overall sports program is in far better shape than we might believe.

This is a reflection of Damon Evans and his leadership.   We can bellyache about what we perceive the state of the athletic programs are in Athens, but when confronted with the numbers, well, they don't lie and they show no emotion.  The fact that the flagship sports had had difficult seasons (the notable exception was women's basketball making a Sweet 16 run with the injuries they endured) is offset by the great seasons other sports had this year.

Congrats to UGA, Damon Evans and the athletic program. 

School             Points        Teams       Avg. per team
1.  Florida               163               16                  10.19
2.  Georgia              133               16                    8.31
3.  Tennessee          115.5            15                    7.70
4.  LSU                   120.5            16                   7.53
5. Auburn                111.5            16                   6.97
6. Ole Miss               86.5            13                    6.65
7. Arkansas               96               15                   6.40
8. Alabama              101.5            16                   6.34
9. Kentucky               94.5            16                   5.91
10. Vanderbilt            68.5            12                   5.71
11.South Carolina      82.5            15                   5.50
12. Mississippi State  44               13                   3.38

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