Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thornton to decide today

Coach Fox finds out today if the instate recruiting mojo is back (at least a little).  All-everything Marcus Thornton is announcing his college choice today at noon eastern at Westlake high school. Thornton, who had been a long time signee for Clemson, got out of the commitment when Oliver Purnell decided Chicago has a much nicer lake than Clemson. I thought about going over there, but I live 8 hours from Atlanta, so I'll try to post an update when the news gets out.... 

He is deciding between Georgia, Alabama, Georgia Tech and Texas.  Just looking at three of those, he'd have an immediate impact and be a starter.  As for Texas, there is no telling what bag of magic beans he has been given, other than a 'I used to coach at Clemson' from Rick Barnes. 

I don't have an insight into what he'll do.  I do know that this is a way bigger get than Polee, both from a winning the state battles and talent level perspective.

UPDATE: Looking good, according to a tweet from PWD.  Scout has it, too.

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